POPE! & PLAID! & More! / by Sam Bolen

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.48.34 AM.png

This summer has decided to be busy!

I started rehearsals last week for POPE! An Epic Musical, which opens in July as part of NYMF. I'll be playing my life-long dream role. The infallible himself. The Pope. Not the ever-cooler Pope Francis, but a comic book hero Pope named...Pope! This show is fast, frenzied summer madness. Expect plenty of robes and capes and hats (see left). Come, and be #blessed. 

Performances are July 15-21. You can read more and buy tickets HERE.

ONE NIGHT ONLY: On July 18th, I'll be reprising my role of Meryl Streep as Suzanne Vale in STREEPSHOW: Episode Two at Dixon Place, part of HOT! Festival. Expect more of this, as well as the appearance of some new Streeps! Tickets available HERE.

Then! In August, I get to return to one of my favorite places on the planet Earth: The New London Barn Playhouse. This time, I'll be playing Frankie in their season closer, FOREVER PLAID. I played the same role freshman year of college so naturally I remember every moment of it including all the plunger choreography. If you're in the upper valley or like driving to beautiful places, come check it out!